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  • W/c 5th March Activities

    Published : 5 Mar, 2018

    Bikeability girl

    Having fended off the worst winter weather we’ve seen in a few years (BeastFromTheEast), we resume normal service with 3 days of Bikeability on behalf of our client in Blyth.

    Wrap up nice and warm boys and girls, the weather forecast is (warmer than last week that’s for sure) a balmy 5 degrees C. 3rdPartyCyclingServices, Bikeability.

  • The long digout

    Published : 1 Mar, 2018

    BeastFromTheEast Snow mother-load

    Well, the BeastFromTheEast has most definitely dumped the mother-load of snow on us. We woke up and found ourselves cut-off from the outside world in terms of transportation. All of our vehicles were parked at base and were now behind 300 metres of lane which had been completely filled-in with snow. We estimate that the drifts (in places) were over a metre deep. Initially, we considered waiting until the weekend and manually trying to dig ourselves out.

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  • W/c 26th February Activities

    Published : 26 Feb, 2018

    Another week of Bikeability on behalf of our client in Hexham and Berwick on Tweed. But will the snow stop our fun on our bikes…?

    … Well, yes it did. The snow has spoiled OUR fun on bikes over at Hexham and Berwick-on-Tweed.

    Our client has been forced to postponed both courses due to the terrible weather but I’m sure the snow hasn’t spoiled the fun for the pupils in Hexham & Berwick.

    3rdPartyCyclingServices, Bikeability, BeastFromTheEast

  • W/c 19th February Activities

    Published : 26 Feb, 2018

    Bikeability boy

    Busy week this week for Bikeability, BikeabilityBalance and BikeabilityLearnToRide work on behalf of our client in Heddon-on-the-Wall and Whittingham.


  • New 1-2-1 lesson recruits

    Published : 15 Feb, 2018

    We have had an influx of new recruits for our 1-2-1 cycling lessons this month and I thought it was about time that I introduced you to them.

    Firstly, welcome to Dylan from Bedlington. He has started our LearnToRide sessions and is currently making great progress gliding with a Balance Bike before progressing to the next stage, which is, learning how to pedal unaided.

    Second new recruit is Joe from Tynemouth. Joe can already ride but cannot start unaided and lacks a bit of confidence. He is also starting with our LearnToRide sessions. Joe has progressed well and is now riding and pedalling unaided, riding in circles, starting and stopping in a controlled manner. His confidence is growing and he is starting to figure out problems by himself by remembering the techniques he has learned in his earlier lessons.

    Another new recruit for February is Emily from Ponteland. She is starting with our Balanceability sessions and will soon be gliding in no time.

    Finally, our fourth new recruit is Charlotte from Stamfordham. Charlotte has just started attending our LearnToRide sessions.

    Well done to all of you !

    Keep an eye out on our Facebook Page for video’s and photo’s of their progress.

  • Scoping new venues

    Published : 11 Feb, 2018

    We’ve been out and about risk assessing new venues for delivering LearnToRide sessions today (on our bikes of course) and since it is a gorgeous day we made a detour to ride along the coast for a while.

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  • Video - Joeanna's 3rd lesson

    Published : 7 Feb, 2018

    Joeanna couldn’t ride until today (at all unaided). This is her 3rd lesson and now she can start and stop on her own and can manoeuvre her bike in a “figure eight” manner to perform clockwise and anti-clockwise circles. She is learning (and increasing her confidence) to look where she wants to direct her bike to travel.

    This is massive progress in under 3 hours of instruction and a massive achievement.

    Well done to Joeanna. AdultLearnToRide LearnToRide FearlessWellSometimes LookAt2OClock

    You can watch the video here on our Facebook page.