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Some of the things you should tell us?

  • How many people would you like us to guide or train?
  • How many adults and how many children are in your group?
  • What are the ages of any children in your party?
  • What are your objectives for undertaking training?
  • What is your desired time frame for the ride or class?
  • What dates are you wishing to train?

If you're interested in guided rides also please include: -

  • What are the current cycling abilities of your group?
  • Do you have any specific Northumbrian locations in mind for your ride?
  • Do any of your group have experience of riding trails, and if so, what?
  • Does any of your group have no or little experience of riding on public roads?
  • Will you require Bike Hire services?
  • When are you wishing to ride?

This information helps us work with you to determine the best options for guiding or training your group.

If you have a question about Bone Desert Cycling that isn't related to organising a riding or training event, then that’s okay too!

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Our staff are experts when it comes to helping you become truly competent on your bike. They are professional, down-to-earth, patient and a pleasure to deal with.